International airport of Los Angeles

The International airport of Los Angeles is one of the busiest cargo airports in the world. Such a large cargo airport serves Southern California. As for the processed tonnage, the international airport takes the 14th place in the world and the 5th place in the USA. In 2014, this airport processed more than 898 million tons of cargo. 

As for the diversity of cargo, it is not limited. Goods that are imported and exported through Los Angeles are quite different. Also, there are too many countries and air companies that are served in this airport. More than 1000 flights arrive or depart at this airport every day. About half of the cargo arrives or departs via passenger planes. That’s why the clients of famous airlines can get cheap tickets.

More than 50% of the cargo transportation is international. More than 79% of the cargo transportation in California is processed at Los Angeles airport. Full truckload carriers and cargo senders can find a wide range of airlines there. The most common goods that are exported from Los Angeles are nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Non-ferrous metals and items made from them take second place. Also, carriers usually export scientific and medical tools, photos, ready-to-eat products, computer equipment, and chemical goods. Speaking about import, companies usually import to Los Angeles such goods as clothes, fish, textiles, shoes, office equipment, vehicles, electronic components, and medical instruments.

Looking at the countries that import and export goods through the International Airport of Los Angeles, there are some leaders. Every year Japan accepts exported goods that cost 4,1$ million. Great Britain takes second place and exports $2,2$ million. Other countries that export American goods through Los Angeles airport are China, Mexico, Australia, and Germany. There are also leaders between importers. China is a leader that imports goods to the USA through this airport.  Cargo terminals of the airport are always improved. It happens because of the increasing number of cargo carriers. The territory that is specialized for cargo processing is 2,1 million square feet.  The International airport is a key transport hub in one of the most developed world economies. International trade in Los Angeles is estimated at more than 200$ billion. More than 68$ billion is concerned with export and import.

There are also some attractions for the passengers. There is a large car park around the airport for 8,000 cars. Services for PWDs and oldies are also available. Los Angeles airport offers many services for disabled such as wide parking places, elevators, convenient WC, and telecommunication devices for TDD that are installed in all terminals. A special car is available for transferring disabled passengers between terminals and gates. 

The International Airport of Los Angeles is the largest one among the other airports on the West coastline in the USA. It is convenient for cargo owners and ordinary passengers as well as economically beneficial for state economics.