Warehouse in Stockton, CA: why is it beneficial?

The population in California always grows, so it has become a key place for logistics operations. Southern California often seems to be the logistics center of the district. But representatives of more and more companies that offer full truck load services understand the advantages of warehousing closer to the east part. 

Stockton is one of the largest logistics centers. Local warehouses can decrease your expenditures and improve distribution operations. But that’s not all. Dealing with cargo shipment and working in California, representatives of transportation companies may know why it is beneficial to have a warehouse in Stockton. 

The first reason is the city location.Stockton is situated in San Joaquin Valley. It is considered to be a part of a larger valley in California. Stockton is situated at a distance of 60 miles from the Port of Oakland, which is one of the ten largest American ports. But Stockton is attractive not only because of its proximity to the port. It is beneficial because of its proximity to the rest of the western coastline which is the main advantage for many cargo carriers. The location of Stockton allows ships to deliver goods to Los Angeles, San Diego, Pacific Northwest, or large metropolitan areas in the east part within one day. 

The second reason is cost reduction.

When transportation carriers start looking for warehouses in California, they can notice that premises near the Port of Oakland and Los Angeles are rather expensive. But lots of companies try to find warehouses in The Inland Empire and Central Valley of California. The market of industrial property in The Inland Empire is getting competitive and prices are high enough. But carriers that work in Stockton don’t face such a problem. The average rent price of industrial premises is lower, so Stockton is a great alternative for transport carriers.

The third reason is the availability of warehouses. The situation with available warehouses is similar to the situation with storing expenditures. There are fewer free premises in Los Angeles, Oakland, and other big cities, and it makes transportation carriers pay attention to The Inland Empire and Central Valley of California. Some reports show that there are only 3% of free warehouses in Los Angeles. At the same time, there are 7,2% of free warehouses in Stockton. Moreover, the construction of new storage premises is going on. 

The fourth reason is access to the storing workforce. It is rather difficult to get employed at the warehouse. As qualified employees are in high demand, especially in the sphere of cargo packaging, you have more chances to be hired. Companies become competitors. All of them try to offer higher salaries and attract new employees, hiring new ones. But working conditions in Stockton are less stressful because of the lower cost of life and large population.