Corrugated cardboard and shipment

Shipment is a complex procedure that includes some steps. They are the receipt, package, delivery, and release of goods. Before the goods are delivered to the destination point, specialists from the transportation company should do serious work. It means that they need to develop a safe and short route. They also must choose the most suitable vehicle and pack the goods properly. Corrugated cardboard is usually used for items packaged.

Sphere of usage

Corrugated cardboard is used in industry and the sphere of services. This material is everywhere. It is suitable for transporting clothes, meals, cosmetics, techniques, etc. Corrugated cardboard allows delivering small goods carefully if a standard cardboard box is enough for their weight. But it is not appropriate for heavy cargo transportation.

Corrugated cardboard: characteristics

This kind of packing material is popular thanks to its strength. Corrugated cardboard consists of 3 layouts. It is a light and voluminous material that protects fragile items. Sometimes cardboard consists of 5 or even 7 layouts. The unique variant is corrugated cardboard that consists of 9 layouts. It differs by its high strength and is used for packaging rather massive and expedited freight.

Boxes made from corrugated cardboard have some advantages. They are the following:

  • they are light – when the weight of the cargo is too high, none wants to use a heavy package, and the cardboard boxes are the best variant in this case; they are a good alternative for the metal packages; both solutions protect the goods properly;
  • they are durable – we can’t compare them with the wooden or metal package, but they are not always suitable; package materials from corrugated cardboard meet all main requirements; they are resistant to fracturing and decent loads; it’s rather difficult to damage the material that consists of 7 or 9 layouts, so we can be sure that these boxes are reliable;
  • they are eco-friendly – such property is especially appreciated today because lots of people are worried about our environment and try to use recycled materials. Corrugated cardboard is produced like usual paper, so there is no harm to nature. Such boxes meet all requirements of the ecological safety;
  • they are cheap – the price is not the last question in the cargo transportation sphere. A person who orders goods usually wants to get quality service, and at the same time he/she doesn’t want to waste extra money on such things as a package. Boxes made from corrugated cardboard are ideal; they are durable and quality, they protect cargo and have low cost.

All listed advantages prove that cargo transportation and corrugated cardboard are an ideal couple. Today transportation companies that deliver different kinds of freight use lots of packing materials. But the practice shows that packages from corrugated cardboard are still the most popular.