Transportation of diamonds

Usually, the choice of precious stones, especially in small towns, is limited. But the problem can be solved thanks to the Internet. It’s easy to buy any jewelry online, but not everyone knows how these accessories are delivered. Only specialized transportation companies deal with such expedited freight and organize its delivery.  

Lots of difficulties can occur during the transportation of precious jewelry. It is forbidden to deliver such valuable cargo in the usual car. Different situations that can happen during transportation can damage the goods. So the task of the transportation company is to avoid such situations and minimize all risks.

The transportation of the diamonds is performed by armored vehicles. They are usually accompanied by additional security. As a rule, transportation companies don’t have such vehicles in their car parks. But it’s easy to rent an armored vehicle for successful diamond delivery.

Apart from the listed peculiar features, the following questions may be raised during the transportation of the precious stones:

  • documents – you need to have a special allowance or other documents to transport diamonds from one country to another, as well as within one country; in this case, all the actions of the transportation company are legal;
  • package – it is a rather important parameter; the integrity of the goods depends on it; when we speak about precious stones, we must understand that we don’t follow the rule of universality; optimal package materials are chosen properly for each item depending on its peculiar features; the main point is to provide a buyer with integrating and not damaged decorations;
  • a choice of the route – the statement ‘Time is money’ is relevant for this service; it’s important to develop the route properly and it will shorten the delivery time; as a result, the diamonds will be delivered on time with minimal effort; the cost of rented armored vehicle is high, so a well-developed route is profitable not only for the customer but also for the transportation company.

All listed questions are the main ones, but there are extra nuances that concern the transportation of the precious stones. One more point that requires attention is insurance. When you need to transport diamonds even within the country, it’s better to take extra safety measures. It is used everywhere and there is nothing strange. In this case, the sender of the diamonds presents the whole package of insurance documents. By the way, he/she also is provided with additional opportunities. For example, a transportation company can offer an innovative service. So you can monitor the location of goods. This service allows monitoring of where the goods are now remotely. This additional safety is too important for both accepting and sending sides. When the diamonds are under the control of the company worker, the sender and the buyer keep calm and wait for the successful delivery of the precious package to the destination point.