Survey services: what are they?

Today cargo carriers organise not only delivery. They offer a list of services that concern loading and unloading operations, storage, insurance, white glove logistics, and so on. Lots of transportation companies also include a survey activity in the lists of their services. It often implies the estimation of the cargo quality based on its biological or physical and chemical condition. 

A survey service is a kind of independent expert service. They are released when someone is interested in controlling cargo quality during its transportation. In other words, it is a cargo inspection. 

Firstly, these services include an inspection of the cargo and ships that can be insured or are insured. Insurance companies used these services. But today the list of survey services is wider. Every participant in the transportation process can use it. Many companies that help deliver goods provide survey services for any kind of cargo, including paper, bulk, and liquid goods, ferrous metals and steel items, food products, cars, lathes, equipment, and others. As a rule, an inspection of the goods can be realised during, before, and after delivery.

The main services that survey companies offer

  1. An inspection of the damaged goods, containers, and other vehicles, and estimation of damage.
  2. Inspection of the goods during loading and unloading.
  3. Taking samples for laboratory tests.
  4. Inspection of the goods before loading, check-up of the package, and marks.
  5. Inspection and control of storing conditions.
  6. Evidence of container technical conditions.
  7. Inspection of the vehicles – whether they are suitable for cargo transportation.
  8. Consultations and expertise if there are questions or misunderstandings.
  9. Plumbing – unsealing of the cars and containers.
  10. Investigation of insurance cases and information gathering.

It should be mentioned that the company usually issues appropriate documents. They are reports and certificates of the international samples. They contain full and truthful information about expertise, used standards, and the results of the realised analysis. The report is an official document when solving disputes. One of the key moments is that the survey services must be independent. 

Also, a company that offers survey services can be a consultant for cargo carriers and cargo owners. Its representatives can be present during the customs inspection. They can gather information about an incident to determine its reasons. Also, specialists can deal with the certificates and other documents about the cargo.

The key to a successful survey service is absolute objectivity in every activity and stage of the expertise. Moreover, an attentive and scrupulous approach to every detail is extra important. Such services mean a new level of transportation services, so they can become an obligatory element of any shipment. Large transportation companies that care about their client’s cargo understand that survey services help control the situation.